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Oleg Blinov

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Actor. Producer. Creator. 

Actor, writer, producer, and director, Oleg Blinov attended the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography and the Academy of Theater Arts, where he received a degree in acting and directing. His professional career has included major roles in a variety of films and television shows, with work having been recognized at several international film festivals, including Toronto's YES! Festival, Chicago's Blowup Film Festival, and Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival to name a few.


In 2018, Oleg, with Ukrainian roots, relocated to the US from Russia due to political repression. With a focus on storytelling, he is dedicated to transcending cultural borders through his work. His latest project, "Mama," mirrors his personal experiences with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, including losing contact with his grandmother in Mariupol and the displacement of his father and brother to the Netherlands.


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